Siddique Sons was established by a team of highly qualified and experienced personnel in 1998. With the passage of time and by the grace of God, now Siddique Sons retains the experience of eight years in the field of construction of different projects especially in the GSM/CDMA infrastructure development, gas fields, oil refineries, power plants & various industries.

SS has been recognized by some of the most respected international companies, including GE, Nokia, Orascom and Al Warid Telecom. Today SS has achieved a level to provide affordable, mechanical, electrical and civil services for any size of project.

We have the availability of technical work force. A well established admin and personnel department keeps track of all manpower of multi- disciplinary categories. The success is only through quality of work force, the supervisory skills, engineering expertise and active middle and top management. Siddique Sons is based in Lahore-Pakistan but its working zones are not confined to any particular area, which spreads all over the country.Well establish departments keep track of multi-discipline company. The success is through quality work force, managerial skills and strong engineering background.


There's an ancient Chinese proverb that says, "May you live in interesting times." While some scholars say this expression was originally a curse, we at Siddique Sons see it differently. We celebrate the many interesting changes that have come our way over the last 8 years, especially when it comes to the people we work with.

Our society is more diverse today than at any time in the past, a rich tapestry that comprises countless different backgrounds and attitudes. At Siddique sons, we recognize that, just as the right blend of seasonings can give a dish its own unique taste, the many differences among us are what give life its fascinating flavor.
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